Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Resolution

I think It gonna be the same as last year's which is:-

1. to pray 5 times a day, complete.
2. to be able to do more puasa sunat.
3. to be able to do more solat sunat.
4. to exercise regularly.
5. eat my medicine exactly on time.
6. to be more positive.
7. to be less annoying/self-centred/insecure.
8. read al-quran ore.
9. and mostly, to be healthy and happy and be loved through out the year.

I might want to add something:

1. Get higher CGPA for every semester. Better yet, to be in the dean's list every semester.
2. To score at least B for every subject.
3. To attend all class on time without failing.
4. To finish assingments given on time.
5. To be productive in class. :)
6. To be a better Muslim.
7. To eat less fast foods.

I think thats' about it. Lets see if I can accomplish it at the end of the year.