Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Update

1. sorry for the very long hiatus. there's no internet conection.
2. i'm half way to get my license. my instructor very cool! and driving manual car is not a big deal for me.
3. met izzat and went morning walk with him around sek5, play the swing. hang with him for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. its weird because there's no awkwardness. we haven't met for 5 years, that's why it's weird.
4. i'm baking again. after almost 2 years.
5. mr.* text me again after almost two months.
6. i have 6 books waiting for me to read it. 3 of them are hardback!
7. i'm overdose for the last 2 months. just realise it few weeks back. relax, i'm just overdose about 50mg of folic acid and thyroxine.
8. i just finish filling up the application form to university.
9. i'm thinking of taking A-level. but its already too late isn't it?
10. i'm cutting down my food intake. no ice-cream, no chocolate, no cheese, no fast food, no carbonated drink, no cordial drink.

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