Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's. No?

thanks ju yi. i received this yesterday. i need to hug her before i get this. :)

so, valentine already over. truly i don't celebrate it. damn true. if any of you who wished me happy valentine yesterday notice, i didn't say happy valentine to you back. it just not me. for me v-day will waste your money on stuff like roses and chocolates. why? because the price can raise up to 5 times. and of course on the religion side. plus for me you need to show your love EVERYDAY. why you need a SPECIAL DAY just to show a bit more love to your other half.

okay. i actually want to blog about bestaritourn day. i was incharged in physics lab. almost the whole day i was in the lab. so, i don't know what happen outside the lab from 0745 until 1230. the guest come non stop to the lab. i even need to take care of four station at a time.

one thing that caught my heart. there was a boy. form 1 boy. i was explaining the experiment that was on my table which were cartesian diver, principle of floatation and density of substances. when i finished explaining everything at him, he asked me to explain again about the cartesian diver because he berely understood it. so i explain it again. after i finished explaining, he took out a book and started to write something. you know what he wrote? he wrote about all the experiments! damn true. and he asked me how to do it because he doesn't have the beaker and such. i said just use a normal container, see-through container if he can get one. that kid's face showed his curious-ness about the magic of physics. he seems to understand about the density and such. hope you get A in science ya boy. forgot to aks his name.

i told teacher haryana about that boy and she thought that boy was cute. then techer haryana brought other teacher's kids to the lab and asked me to do the experiment for the kids. teacher suryati's daughter seems very excited about it while teacher haryana's son just seem blur all the way. he was sleepy that's why. haha. i have fun being anot-so-serious-lab-girl. haha. then i spend the remaining hours of the day with fatin najwa and fatin nabihah. :)

then in the evening my family and i went to abg rasyid's house because he held a birthday party for syafiq aiman and dania arissa. man i can't believe now syafiq is almost five and dania already three. felt like i just carried them in their early days yesterday. i tried to carry alin qistina(their sister), the 6 months old baby. but she kept crying when i carry her. haha.

arrived home almost 2200 felt very exhausted. took bath and went straight to sleep.

man, i have a very long yet fantastic day yesterday.

Sudenly I remember the first ever rose I heve ever received when i was 15 on 15 february.
Thanks pal for that rose. I still have it. :)


pharie said...

oh.asal syafiq involved? bukan dah school leavers ke?
akk ade masuk lab fizik, tp x nmpak pon syafiq.haha.

pharie said...

bila akak bace kali kedua post nie baru paham akk misundertanding the content.

makin hari makin mamai akk nie.aahaha!