Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tag Survey - Taken from Sabrina Anuar

Complete these sentences:

My not the reason why we broke up.

I am listening to...nothing.

Maybe I should..start studying because my result sucks. A LOT.

I like learning...not to depend on people so much.

My best friend(s)...are the best gift i ever had.

I don't understand...chemistry.

I lost...a friend who used to be very close with me.

Many people said...what they don't mean.

The meaning of my means light of happiness.

Love is...far from me now.

I am living in a place called...wangsa maju. cool. but will be cooler if hajar still here.

I will be better.

The meaning of "forever"...means nothing for me.

My a stone-age phone.

I am very annoyed...with people with no respect for themselve.

Whenever I wake up from sleep...i snoze my alarm, sleep agin for 10 minutes, snoze my alarm again, sleep again for 5 minutes and then tidy my bed and go to the bathroom lazily

Party is...awesome with loved ones.

The cutest animal(s) mr smokey. :) tapi dis ombong sikit kdg2.

The best age...16. seriously.

I felt tension today...when i woke up later than i thought.

Tonight, i will finished my work.

When I look at myself in the mirror this morning..."damn the pimple is still there.

Shopping not so my favourite place.

Fast food are usually...good. :)

Last sentence to a person..."nak bawak pg mana?"

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