Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tag Survey - Tagged by Iqbal Ismail

Name : farah rosni

Age / Birthday : march 30.

School : smk seksyen 5.

Elder sister : idrin rosni

Younger sisters : shamimi rosni

Elder brother : wish i have one.

None Favourite liquid's / drinks : i can't think of one.

Favourite Consumables / Food : i don't know. nuts?

Favourite place too sleep : my very own bed. eventhough tilam tu dah lebih 20 tahun.

Flying? : i like flying. told mr dummy last week that i don't want to be a pilot anymore. haha. sorry ah i kacau u tgh2 mlm last week.

Swimming or Diving : i like both!

How many friends in msn : 70++

Loved one's : family. aweks&kipas (kita curi eyh ja).

Get kicked on the butt : once. haha.

Allergic? : none.

Gastric? : never.

Age of marriage? : 25++. but kalau dah jodoh awal nak buat mcm mana. tp kalau ckp kat abah nak kawen awal mesti abah ckp "nak kene sekeh?"

Children wanted?: aku selalu nak tujuh org anak. haha. xtau apasal. entah larat entah tak.

Age of life? : aaa

Animals in your house ? : a fish (forgot the species) and other haiwan yang menggelikan.

Longest fingernails ever kept? : few weeks.

Wanted birthday present : moleskin notebook. xp

A - Attached or single ? : single

B - Best friend? : they know who they are. few peoples. :)

C - Cake or pie ? : cake.

D - Day of choice? - sunday always.

E - Essential item ? - entah la.

F - Favourite colour? - black, white, blue.

G - Gummy bears or worms? : gummy bears.

H - Hometown? : cek oghang utara.

I - Favourite Indulgence - soft serve ice cream. my own home made cake and cookies. :)

J - January or July ? : for now, january. because on july i need to worry about my spm trial.

K - Kids? - when i get merried.

L - Life isn't complete without? - my loved ones.

M - Marriage date - haha. tunggu la 10 thn lg ke.

N - Number of magazine subscriptions? - one.

O - Oranges or apples? - i like both.

P - Phobias : none right now. afiq buat aku tak phobia naik motor dah. :)

Q - Quotes? : "there's more important thing in life than just falling in love."

Reasons to smile? - when i satisfied doing what i love. such as hang outs with the girls and guys. eventhough sometimes there are an ass.

S - Season of choice:) - autumn will be nice. :)

T - Tag 10 people:)
- nur syaza
- fatin najwa
- idrin rosni
- shamimi rosni
- sabrina anuar
- ikhwan halim
- ieeko
- aisyah pahmi
- intan
- annysa mansor

U - Unknown fact about me? - i sing off-key.

V - Vegetable? - i eat almost all vege.

W - Worst habit? - i am loud and i can be mean sometimes.

X - X-men? - mhmm

Your favorite food - i munch stuff.

Zodiac sign - arius

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