Thursday, July 30, 2009

Secret Of The Day

but before that.
wow! it has been almost a month aku tak post apa2. haha.
just now at school intan said, "blog awak boring la sekarang ni."
"kita tak tau nak tulis apa la wak."

First Secret:
lets name the guy x.
he woke up this morning and took his bath. and then after bath, he walk want to take his underware from the drawer. but it is not there. probably his mother forgot to fold it. the only thing that is in the drawer was his swimming trunk. because he's runs out of time, he just wear it. haha. he wore his swimming trunk to school today.

Second Secret:
lest name this guy y.
he was playing at the field this morning and somehow, the stiches on his trousers opens. while he was fixing his pants with pins, a girl saw what he was doing and he says, "apa ni? jangan la pandang." then he moves to other table. another girl looked at him. "y, jangan la duduk macam tu." and suddenly everyone that heard what the girl just said turn to y. and he was blushing. he need to walk with his bag in front of him because if he's not, people will look at his trousers because it obvious.

ouh, and logan got N1H1 today. reversible of H1N1.
if we're talking to someone who infected by H1N1, we need to distance at least 1 metre with them, but in logan's case, he need to come 1 metre closer with the person he want to talk to.

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